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24 February 2012 @ 08:45 am
Hey everyone!

I know, I know... I have been VERY quiet lately. Actually... I didn't really post anything about life here in Florida yet, except for my short post after my arrival...
Well... let me tell you how I have been :)

So, life in Florida is pretty good at the moment. I am still living in the same apartment (which 90% of my arrival group isn't) but my roommates changed a bit... Satomi from Japan is still my direct roommate and she is FANTASTIC... more on her later... there is 2 more japanese girls, 2 mexican girls another German girl and a french girl in my apartment. We all get along awesomely! As I said, Satomi is fantastic... she notices the smallest thing... one time I just mentioned how I would have to get an extension cord for my nightstand lamp during my next walmart trip... and the next day she comes home, having bought me one since she knew my next walmart trip would be DAYS away. Sh does little things like that all the time <3
Our apartment is fine... it's not anything special but it has a comfy, although fugly, couch, a tv that doesn't have a working remote xD, a dining room table, a kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a washer and dryer... pretty basic but you can live in it :) my personal life savers are the A/C and dishwasher lol
Only bad thing about my apartment is that it is in building 23... you see, The Commons, that's my housing community, is pretty long in shape... if you go through the gates you have buildings 1-5 on the left of the front desk building and then building 6 to 29 one after another to the right side... and since the bus stop is at the front desk building I basically have a little workout every day on my way to work :/ and its annoying when you have to carry HEAVY groceries home or just wanna pick sth up from the front desk... oh well.

Working for the Mouse is interesting... The job is hard and drives you insane sometimes but can also be SO MUCH FUN! I have always loved working with people and where else can I find more people than at Disney? I just wish I'd be working in Guest Relations or Entertainment... but well, I live with what I can have :)
Guests can be super nice and incredible and make you laugh and make you wanna befriend them... and then there are the mexicans and brazilians (sorry if that includes one of you) but DUUUUUUUUDE! Most of them don't speak english... and they always think I speak spanish... JUST BECAUSE I HAVE DARK, CURLY HAIR DOES NOT MEAN I SPEAK SPANISH/PORTUGESE! and they're annoying... they literally SHOVE merchandise in your face and yell "PUH-LEEEEAS-UH, HOW MUTCH" and all I wanna be like is "DUDE, PERSONALLY BUBBLE"... but yeah XD
Or you have a guest that you just wanna KILL! like me this week... I was at the register in the caramel kitchen and there was this guy coming up with 3 strawberries... now, our strawberries are completely covered in chocolate and just have a tiny drizzle of caramel on them... anyway, so he come up to me at the register and makes this HUGE deal out of the fact that he can't get strawberries without caramel on it... but seriously, what is he thinking? He walked into the CARAMEL KITCHEN!!!! so I am being nice and give him my best disney smile and sugary voice and tell him "Well, sir, this is the caramel kitchen... it is all about the caramel in here \o///" and he just goes "but what if I don't want caramel? This is Disney, right?" and I just think OMG SERIOUSLY? Don't go into a caramel kitchen if you don't want caramel... so I tell him again "Sorry, sir, but we're not allowed to sell anything without caramel in here" and all I get to hear is "But this is Disney, right? THIS IS DISNEY! I don't want caramel"... So I just tell him "sir, we don't make the rules here... we have a contract with Werther's caramel and they tell us not to sell anything without caramel, so we can't!" but he just kept telling me his stupid "but this is disney sentence"... so anyway... apparently he wanted to buy the strawberries anyway and he hands me his credit card... the card wasn't signed so I need to ask him for his ID... so that is what I do and what is his response? "No, you can't see it... IT'S NOT CARAMEL!"... I SWEAR TO YOU GUYS! I just swiped his card, gave him his receit and walked away without another word... I WANTED TO PUNCH HIS FUCKING FACE IN! How can an adult behave like such a spoiled little brat? His "this is disney" comment brought me to believe that he is probably one of those people who have come to disney for years and know that they basically get everything they want shoved up their ass :/

But yeah... otherwise working for the Mouse is basically like any other job... sometimes fun, sometimes boring, sometimes busy sometimes not... I have stores I like more and stores I like less... but all in all it's fine :)

and life... well... life is good... I doubt I will ever be fully rested again while living here btu oh well... sleep is for the dead xD
So far I always had fridays and saturdays off which left plenty of time to do things with noted who has been a FABULOUS friend <333 The days sucked though because our bus schedules on those day are crappy, Ic ouldn't get anywhere and also, NONE of the people from work I liked had the same days off... so if I wasn't doing anything with Alicia, I was alone :/ My days are switching soon though and I will get Mondays and tuesdays off... which is awesome because awesome bus schedules and FIVE of the people from work I like have the same day off... BUT IT IS GONNA SUCK FOR ALICIA AND ME DDDDD: wwe will ave to figure it out.

There are a lot of parties here and if you know me you know that I am not a party person AT ALL! so I go to maybe 1 or 2 each month to not be the one who never goes to anything but I don't party several times each week like a lot of others do...
Me, I spent my times in the parks! getting free access to all 4 Disney Theme parks is fantastic and up until valentine's day we got 40% discount on merchandise for the holidays... now it is back to the regular 20% but oh well! I also got myself an annual pass for Universal Studios so I can geek out at WWOHP whenever I feel like it... Universal may be 40 minutes away but there is a bus that takes me there for 25 CENTS! TWENTY-FIVE CENTS! so sometimes, when I am bored, I just go there, walk around hogsmeade, ride the rides a few times... have something to eat... maybe see a movie on city walk and take the bus back home.

Otherwise I haven't seen much yet... I went to NYC in january for 2 nights which OMG AWESOME! First, I saw DARREN CRISS on broadway... I sat in second row and could drool over him the whole time... seriously, I was so close, I could see every sweat drop running down his beautiful face <3 and then... on saturday morning... the day I was leaving again... I woke up to snow... SNOW IN NYC! I know it's nothing special but I have always wanted to see my favorite city in the snow and I have always always missed it by a couple of days! It didn't ven matter to me that I didn't have proper winter clothes with me... I just had to take an hour long stroll trough Central Park... save to say I was frozen afterwards... but it was all worth it <333

some of the things I still need to do is: 1. go to the pool! durng the week it is HOT AS HELL and every time my day off rolls around it starts raining... I feel cheated! 2. Go to the waterparks! need nice weather for that but I can't wait... SLIDES! 3. Go to Miami! Almost everyone here has been... don't wanna be the odd one out. 4. got to the beach in general! I need some quality beach time!

So yeah... basically, I am still alive, life is pretty good... I probably have a lot ore to tell you but this entry is already long enought and it is almost 3am... bt whoop, tomorrow is my very first lazy day in... so who cares I will SLEEP all day :D

If you managed to read all of this CONGRATULATIONS! You are awesome and I love you!
comment comment as much as you want... ASK ME ANYTHING you want... I love comments and questions...

25 December 2011 @ 05:12 am
since everyone is doing t :)

I have these to trade:
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cards I need:
5, 13, 15, 18, 21, 22, 32, 36, 37, 39, 55, 57, 60, 61, 64, 66, 74, 75 and everything beyond 77... idek how many there are
08 December 2011 @ 05:03 am
so, I don't have a lot of time to update right now since I am DEAD TIRED and still haven't unpacked my suitcases D:

but I got to orlando okay... with over 2 hours of delay though we finally go to our rooms at midnight.
I live in the apartment compley they call The Commons, I share a 4 bedroom apartment with 2 japanese girls, 2 french girls, 1 mexican girl and one other german girl. They all seem nice so far :)
So far we only had welcoming sessions ad orientation stuff... got our housing IDs and everything... we got friday off, YAY and idk when we actually start work training but my guess is monday...

My roommate Satomi is still at work and I guess I will use the time to unpack now...


who of you did I ask to send me a postcard? I forgot D: just lemme know so I can send you my florida address :D