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is more than just standing up to your enemies

15 April 1989
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Me, Myself and I ♥

About me:

Hey, I'm Jule (Endless Fighter on FF), I'm 23 years old and I live in the west of Germany. I talk too much and too fast. It sometimes gives even myself a headache *lol*

I'm a huge English language freak... everything for me has to be English... I don't even watch German TV anymore because I don't like that it is in German *laugh* I turn all my dvds to English and only read English books :o) And to be honest... I'm DVD Addicted... I have soooooo may of them... it's not normal anymore... I spent most of my money for DVDs and books... they'll ruin me some day XD

I really like watching my dvds, especially my TV-shows and I am a real bookworm because books are the best things that we have on this planet!!!

I also tend to get totally obesessed with things I like... If I start liking a couple on a tv show I get really obsessive with making a million Icons and other fanarts, swooning over them in every episode, discussion each and every little detail about them.

Also: HARRY POTTER IS MY LIFE, YO! Nothing will ever get close to the impact Harry Potter had on me and million other people out there.

My favorite TV-Shows:

♥Friends♥ Gilmore Girls ♥ Bones ♥ Glee ♥ Cougar Town ♥ Merlin ♥ Parenthood ♥ New Girl ♥ McLeods Daughters ♥ Charmed ♥ Buffy the Vampire slayer ♥ How I Met Your Mother ♥ Alias ♥ The Nanny ♥ Doctor Who ♥ Once Upon A Time ♥ Fresh prince of Bel Air ♥ Boy Meets World ♥ Full House ♥ The OC ♥ The New Normal ♥ Modern Family ♥

My favorite books:

♥ Darkfever ♥ Bloodfever; Faefever ♥ Vampire Academy ♥ Vampire Academy 2 (Frostbite) ♥ Vampire Academy 3 (Shadow Kiss) ♥ Vampire Academy 4 (Bloodpromise) ♥ Vampire Academy 5 (Spirit Bound) ♥ Bloodlines ♥ His Dark Materials ♥ Ps. I love you ♥ Where Rainbows End ♥ A place Called Here ♥ My sister's keeper ♥ Pride and Prejudice ♥ The book thief ♥ Harry Potter books ♥ Everything by Susan Elizabeth Phillips ♥ Georgina Kincaid Series ♥ Night Huntress Series ♥ The Fault in Our Stars ♥ Paper Towns ♥ 13 Little Blue Envelopes ♥

My favorite Couples:

♥ Harry and Ginny ♥ Ron and Hermione ♥ Rose and Dimitri ♥ Luke and Lorelai ♥ Monica and Chanlder ♥ Ross and Rachel ♥ Edward and Bella ♥ Jess and Nick ♥ Claire and Alex ♥ Alex and Stevie ♥ Tess and Nick ♥ Piper and Leo ♥ Buffy and Angel ♥Willow and Oz ♥ Willow and Tara ♥ Booth and Brennan ♥ Angela and Hodgins ♥ Sydney and Vaughn ♥ Fran and Maxwell ♥ The Doctor and Rose ♥ KLAINE! ♥ Cory and Topanga ♥ Summer and Seth ♥ Jessie and Rebecca

I was sorted Gryffindor! @ hogwartsishome


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